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Jan 13, 2009
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Hey guys joined the site to find info on wine brewing. I've made one batch of peach wine that did not come out too good. Drinkable but that's about it. Just started my second batch of a very simple apple wine and may need some pointers
Welcome aboard. There are a lot of knowledgeable fruit winemakers on here, me not being one of them. LOL

Good luck with the Apple Wine!
Hi Oidy33 and welcome to the forum.Just a friendly hint, when asking for help or solutions to problems, always try to give as much info as possible so the pros here can get you a solution asap. Things like..is the wine made from fresh fruit/recipe or kit,type of kit, brand and make. Some members here are well versed in kits while others are more experienced in recipe wines. Either way you should be able to make some great wine with the knowledge represented on this forum :)
Welcome Odiy, please give us the whole recipe and how you performed this task like what was your starting sg and what yeast did you use and what temp the must is at.