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Country Roads

Nov 12, 2009
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I have never degassed my wine. The instructions I have read, called for a SG of around 995-992. Does that indicate the absence of gass? I have never sweetened my wine either. Is the proper way to test the SG, then add campton and then sorbate, and later to add the sweetener? Or, should I be shaking or stirring my wine and then adding everything else? I am so confused!
Give it a good stir before.. then add campden and sorbate.. give it a few more stirs over the next few days ( don't make a vortex.. just stir backwards and forwards to get the foam to come gradually .. you don't want a volcanic moment)

..basically it'll get to the point where you don't get any more foam happening.. sweeten it..then bulk store it a bit before bottling to ensure it doesn't start up the fermentation again.. Plus it may cloud a bit when you sweeten.. so you'll want to let any fine sediment settle out.

Country, Allie means a GOOD stir, not round and round as she pointed out. Agitate the hell out of it til your arm is about to falloff! Rest your arm, and do it again for a little while.
OK I printed out your instructions so I will get it right. Thank you! I was embarrassed when my niece took a bottle of my wine and thought it would be so wonderful, and I knew it was dry to the point of being sour tasting. Now I can start making something good, like my pickles. You guys are cool!
Ya see it all depends really on how you ferment and process your wine. If you ferment to dry in primary and then press the fruit with a press it will take out almost every bit of trapped C02 in your wine hence the reason why most grape wine makers who dont really make kits or wines from juice anything about degassing wines. yes some may degas them selves over time while aging in a basement but not enough and usually not much IMo as Ive had many fruit wines in my basement in a room that stays around 68-72* all year round for well over a year and they stayed gassy. I do dgeas my wines and use a drill mounted stirrer attached to a cordless drill and use full speed at quick bursts in forward just till the wine starts to turn and then go reverse but gently the first few times as to not create a volcano. I now use an electric vacuum pump to do thsi rack and now even bottle my wine and soon filter it with a whole house filter in line.

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