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Feb 7, 2009
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Hi there everyone

I was wondering about juicing fruit with my juicer. is this alright to do. it leaves relatively dry pulp. should i but it in a nylon as well when doing the primary stage? or is it best just to freeze the fruit then mash it? any suggestions are welcome.:D

Hi Hal, I actually started a thread on both of your questions, I don't know how to link you directly to them but if you use the search feature above, enter "juicer", and then you can enter "frozen fruit", it'll give you a list of all threads containing those key words. The search feature in here is actually pretty good, and if you use it for some of the questions you may have, you may find the answers before someone gets back to you with a response.
Good Luck
I think it depends on the amount of fruit you are going to process.

Small amounts can be done in a juicer quite easily, but for large amounts I would consider freezing.

It also depends on the kind of fruit.

And then any fruit juices better when it has been frozen.
Even apples.

Freezing and then treating with pectic enzymes gives the largest gain in juice. Look here for a detailed test on that:


You will of course need a lot of space in your freezer......

thanks for the info i have read your blog luc very interesting. great read. Troy thanks i will take a look thanks allot for your info.

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