It will not taste the same after fermentation!

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Oct 26, 2008
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In my begining days, I too, was guilty of making this assumption. If you want alcohol infused juice, then add vodka or somethng to your juice.

No matter what you start with, you will end up with the "essence" of the original fruit, etc.

In the begining, it may smell and taste like the greatest mix you have ever came up with, but as it begins to ferment, it starts to stink, etc.

They tell me banana wine will not taste lke bananas at all, for example.

I think alot of beginers don't understand this. As can be seen from many posts in here, before you bottle your creation, it may seem horrible and chase the dog and the spouse under the couch, but after a few months, or longer, it changes dramatically.

And further, and I am quilty of this most general rule.


There is nothing fast about making wine,period!

I encourage all the new people who are making wine to remeber this important ingredient. PATIENCE!

It is the most important ingredient, and you can't buy it, at any price.

Good Luck All

Boy is that the truth if I've ever heard it.
I've found that, and heaven help me for saying it, if you have to, buy a few bottles to give your own some time!
I haven't touched my black berry for a month and my elderberry even longer than that. I can't wait until christmas to try them both again.
i hear ya. some wines change more than others. the aging process will eventually smoothe the wine out and make it less difficult to taste the original fruit. however, some just taste different after fermenting. mostly the darker berrries are the ones that can become complex like grapes. our pecan tastes different, but it's because we are changing it with processes and other ingrediants are added. very smooth and almost buttery.

hopefully, the local MO people will come by sometime. i did have a visitor from a friend of a member on here (woodbee). they tasted it.
There is a great winery in Bolton Massachusetts called Nashoba Valley Winery. We stop there when visiting family. They specialize in fruit wines and you can run through the tasting. However, tasting that many fruit wines at one time kind of makes your mouth taste like you licked the floor of a movie theater! Troy is exactly right. Certain ones taste like you would think and others, not even close.
Banana wine will taste like banana if you add enough. What you might be thinking of is when people add some to get the fermenation going better as it takes quite a bit to get the flavor to come through.