Is Yeast Enigizer really that fast??

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Sep 27, 2009
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Or was it a leaky bung?

I racked some green tea wine I was making early and all fermentation stopped. For two day I never saw a single bubble. Then I got some yeast energizer put in the little bit and as soon as I got the bung back on it was already starting to bubble stady. Is that possible or was there a leak in my bung?
Probably a leak in your bung! But the yeast energiser would have helped if it was'nt gonig at full steam!
Could be either cause just the act of adding some of this stuff may not have started te fermentation back up but also gives a surface for C02 that is suspended in the wine to be released in big amounts and thats we stress the point about dissloving stuff like this in some wine or water first as this is exactlyy how wine volcanoes start. Butto answer your question about the nutrient itsefl it does KICK the yeast in very quickly but thse rubber grommets do have a tendency to leak quite often also and thats why I removed all those and redrilled all my lids to except bungs.