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Discussion in 'Kit Winemaking' started by beernutz, May 23, 2019.

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    Apr 10, 2014
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    I just started my 11th wine kit in the last 5 years and I have noticed a trend that my RJS kits are the most variable in terms of quality.

    My two best wines by far were an RJS Super Tuscan and an Amarone, while at the same time the only undrinkable kit I ever made was my 2nd RJS Super Tuscan and my 2nd worst wine to date was an RJS Amarone.

    Also in the fermenter I have an RJS rose Pinot Noir that frankly smelled and tasted terrible with a very hot alcohol flavor and aroma during its first few stages which has subsided a bit in the last stage before bottling.

    I always follow the kit instructions as closely as possible, the only exception being that I typically leave the wine longer in each stage than recommended. My problems could be the result of operator error but it seems odd that it only happens with some of my RJS kits.

    I am not trying to bash RJS but merely want to see if others have had similar issues.

    Cellar Classic Pinot Grigio - April , 2014 - Very good
    Cellar Craft Pinot Grigio - August , 2014 - Very good
    RJS En Primeur Super Tuscan - October , 2014 - Excellent
    Winexpert Selection Pinot Grigio- April , 2015 - Very good
    RJS Winery Series Super Tuscan- April , 2015 - Awful cherry cough syrup flavor. Poured out last 20 bottles after 18 months
    RJS En Primeur Winery Series Amarone- February , 2017- Excellent
    WinExpert Eclipse Bravado (Italian Tuscany) - September , 2017- Excellent
    WinExpert Eclipse Stags Leap Merlot - October , 2017- Very good
    RJS En Primeur Winery Series Amarone - May , 2018 -Ok but has a slight cherry cough drop flavor
    RJS En Primeur Chilean Pinot Noir Rose - December , 2018- In process but had odd aroma and flavor in stages 2 and 3
    WinExpert Eclipse Sonoma Pinot Noir - May , 2019- In process
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    I've never had any issues with RJS kits. I've stuck with the EPWS and Limiteds. Had one mediocre Cellar Craft Merlot, but the kit was over a year old. And one MM Meglioli with a bad skin kit that wound up turning the entire batch into cooking wine.
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