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Jan 6, 2009
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In What Do You Store Your Cleansers / Sanitizers? I'm referring to the powdered kind that you mix with water. I've read that most should be stored in an air-tight, opaque container (i.e. a container that lets no light in).


When George ships them they are in a gallon size ziplock bag. I open the cleanser and use what I need and put the bag back in the ziplock. I have no problems with it that way.
Yep same as appleman, in zip lock bags. Of course I buy in 1 pound bags. If you buy by the ounce then its OK to keep in the plastic container it comes in.
Thanks for the reply guys.

What do you store the cleaning / sanitizing solution after you mix it up (i.e. the liquid solution itself)? Do you store it in an opaque container (gallon jug) to prevent light from breaking it down?
I store my sulphite solution in a gallon (plastic) apple cider jug and it sits on the counter -- no sunlight, just flourescent overhead. It doesn't seem to break down on me, still smells to high heaven months later.

I use it liberally, lots splashes in the sink when I rinse jugs etc., so it doesn't stay around more than the 3-4 months it takes to do a couple batches at a time. I usually start several batches (mixed sizes) in quick succession, then by the time they are all bottled I'm down to about a cup of sulphite solution left over and pitch that. I mix up a fresh gallon or so when I start the next round of primary fermentation.

That's what works for me -- it may not be the best system but it's what I do. Sodium Metabisulphite in 1lb bags is pretty cheap so I'm not worried about trying to get every last drop of sanitizing solution to last forever.
Powder in double plastic bags...In a plastic tool box.

Mixed solution in a glass jug in the closet....

I do not reuse much if any sulfite solution...I do catch Jim pouring some back into the jug occasionally after rinsing a carboy.

I prefer to pitch it after a session of rinsing tubing, racking canes, spigots, buckets, etc. I pour a good amount into a stainless bowl and rinse and splash out of that, or out of a bucket.

It's cheap and I figure that most of the equipment has been first rinsed with water, so figure the solution is getting diluted by the end of a out it goes.