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Aug 20, 2018
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I always loved the Elderflower Juice drink from Ikea, so I though I would make a wine with it and see what happens. Tonight we cracked open the first bottle (which was bottled in September) and it got really good reviews from the family so I thought I would share the recipe. The final result for me was semi-sweet with a unique flavor that reminds me of bosc pear and pineapple.

This is for 1 gallon:
2 500mL bottles of IKEA Elderflower Juice
1 lemon
1/2tsp grape tannin (mine is generic from my LHBS, so it's not too strong)
white sugar
BM 4x4 yeast

I treated this like a mead owing to the lack of actual fruit or nutrients, and used a TOSNA-2 nutrient addition schedule.

Rehydrate yeast in cup with warm water and GoFerm as per instructions
Take 1 (one) bottle of elderflower juice and add to fermentation bucket
Add 3L spring water, mix thoroughly
Add sugar to SG 1.090
Add juice of the lemon (do not add the zest/rind)
Add additional water up to 132oz
Pitch the yeast
Add nutrients according to TOSNA-2 schedule
Rack when SG is 1.020
When SG stabilizes below 1.000 (mine was 0.995) for a week, rack again
Degas and add grape tannin and kmeta
Once cleared, backsweeten with the other bottle of elderflower juice (I ended up using about 1/3rd the bottle IIRC) and add ksorbate.
Leave in carboy for a week to make sure it's still clear, then bottle

If you wanted to do this as a dry or semi-dry, I would add both bottles of elderflower juice to the primary and then use simple syrup to backsweeten if needed since the juice can have a certain cloyingness to it that wouldn't work in a drier wine. I would also add the lemon juice in secondary instead of primary since backsweetening with the juice adds acidity as well.
Yeah this is definitely not the traditional elderflower wine, much less floral. But it's a good cheap porch sipper that quick to make
Bottled this in September 2018 and cracked open a bottle over the weekend, and wow was I surprised! It tasted nothing like elderflower, but rather an almost jolly rancher-like green apple with bosc pear and citrus notes. Was really tasty and well-balanced and, like I said, an unexpected.

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