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  1. Davielovesgravy

    Help with Carbonating Elderflower Champagne please

    Im in need of A bit of help for my Elderflower Sparkly wine/champagne please. I am about a week into fermenting 23L and I just took a sample, the SG is now at 1010, it tastes lovely and it is still bubbling every 30secs or so. My question is about the carbonation, I want it nice and fizzy so...
  2. V

    Elderflower wine help!

    hi! I’m trying to make a batch of elderflower wine (completely new to this!) following the process below. My wine’s currently fermenting in a wine bucket and it still seems fizzy, it’s been in there for 3 weeks. Should I take it out and bottle it now? Can I bottle it in a flip top bottle...
  3. tradowsk

    IKEA Elderflower Wine

    I always loved the Elderflower Juice drink from Ikea, so I though I would make a wine with it and see what happens. Tonight we cracked open the first bottle (which was bottled in September) and it got really good reviews from the family so I thought I would share the recipe. The final result for...
  4. ringmany

    How much sugar for priming Elderflower champagne?

    Hi everyone, I'm making some Elderflower champagne using the 'Youngs elderflower wine' kit. The seller states you can simply add sugar at the bottling stage to prime it for making it champagne instead of wine. However, the instructions don't have the steps to achieve this, as it isn't...