I freaked out yesterday..

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St Allie

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Mar 6, 2009
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I don't know how many of you have teenagers?

My front page of the newspaper today, was all about 8 young people and how the car they were travelling in, ended upside down with one 20yo girl dead .. no seatbelt. this was yesterday afternoon, just up the road from me.. and I had just delivered 6 teens (16-17) to the beach on the same road, 30 minutes prior. Alcohol was a factor in the crashed upside down car.

I saw the two ambulances head past my place and the 5 policecars.. plus one helicopter.. standing on the sofa so I could see up the hill better, to see if they were going the only way, of two routes, out to the beach.

Rang the local volunteer firebrigade to find out where the crash was..so knew it wasn't possibly my teens..

Still... my heart was in my mouth..

sometimes I hate being a grown up..

I have a few years before this stuff will be scaring the bejesus out of me but its coming fast!
I can't believe you just posted that. We had three young kids 18-21 yrs old killed in a head on collision from the local university about three miles from me last night. Really sad. Allie you said you were standing on the sofa, was that on the street also or the front porch..LOL.
Allie, you're normal. Being a parent is a roller coaster of mixed emotions.
My daughter (age 19) just moved to N.Y. State with her fiancé. :<
My oldest son (age 17) just got his driver's license. :< :< As he drove off on his first day going solo to work, I said to his mother, "Is it just me, or do you have that same feeling as when he was learning to walk, and we were afraid he'd fall and hit the coffee table, but we had to let him do it?" :>
I won't get into what I went through with my two oldest daughters.
You give them the tools to make good decisions, you're there for them when they need you, and you wring your hands...in private.
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I use to freak every time Nathan put his little Brother,jordan in car and headed off to see their Mom. It was a 300 mile trip and I would worry till they got there and called. Then Nathan called one time said he let Jordan drive out in Eastern Washington. Jordan was 13. they also only took 5 hours to drive 300 miles. From then on I really worried, alias all for nothing
Sometimes I think I may have been blessed not to have any kids. I can shead enough teras hearing about your alls trials and tribulations.

Lost a couple young friends this last year or so. Cody Soule, 18, destined to be a leader amongst men. Car accident. Duane Pruitt, 16, a special kid, convinced his life was made to make evryone smile. Infection after routine surgery.

I always thank the Lord for keeping me around kids. I don't have to be a father but I can always be an Uncle. The best one I can be.

Tear in My Beer,
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