how to use a hydrometer for newbies

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Sep 17, 2011
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ok i want to start a thread on how to use and under stand a hydrometer.
as a relitive newbie, i look at the problem with a different perspective than the more experienced, when i got my first hydrometer, i didn't know crap about it
so i read the directions, and tutoriels, some were good and some were confusing

so this will be a work in process, and i welcome ANY constructive critisim to improve the topic.
DSC04767.1 [DVD (PAL)].jpg
this is a start, looking at the sg scale. i plan to do another pic relating the other scales as i have time

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Thanks Jim, for confirming that I was doing it right, sometimes I wondered since I am really a hands on kind of gal. A picture is worth a 1000 words to me.
Great picture and labels Jim. Don't know why this hasn't been done before. I'm pleased to see the spec gravities quoted as 3 decimals even though they end in a zero. Maybe next you can do a picture showing a reading that doesn't end in zero, eg 0.992.

My only comment is that some kits may finish about 1.000 (Cellar Craft Winery Series did this when first introduced), and others about .995 (many RJ Spagnols kits).

thanks for the thums up everyone. like isaid this is a work in progress so i will take your coments and add to what i build in the future if you don't mind. as i add material i plan to edit and add it to the original post.
i am not happy with the pic and plan to do a better one.

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Actually, the photo is good. I wished something like this was available when I first started. I have since figured out how they work. I am sure it will help many though.
THANKS WADE, that made a great day perfict.

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Can you make that pic a lot taller so the font is readable? Wider would be no good.
thanks pcharles thats the kind of show and tell that makes things eazyer for newbies to understand.

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Thanks Jim - that labelling took a LOT of work.

My only problem is that I cannot read the notes. Perhaps you can host a LARGER readable version (I might be asking for too much if you have a limited connection) on the net somewhere like photobucket.

Again thanks - pictures like this help a LOT.
Thank you for your troubles.
I was able to read everything and perhaps even the last number should be 1.12 instead of 1.112 although I don't think that would make a difference.
At least now I know how to read a hydrometer