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  • Good to hear from you! All is well here too. I got to witness my first winemaking with fresh grapes last weekend and I've been inspired! Maybe next year I will try a small batch on my own with fresh grapes. It is quite a process! I got to try some of the wine they had made a few years ago from fresh grapes (a cab sauv actually) and it was amazing! I'm hoping if I give it a try, it'll taste half as good! :) Right now I'm looking forward to the fresh juices I ordered that will come in next week. Until those come in, my fermenters are pretty empty right now. I'm also looking forward to some Muscadines that will be making their way up North for me next month. I have definitely done a lot of re-building and with the help of other people here as well as Craigslist I have quite a collection that will be going this winter. :)
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