How to remove a cork inside a bottle?

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Mar 7, 2009
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I was bottling my wine today and I guess I got a little too enthusiastic on the floor corker... Shot a cork right inside one bottle. I quickly transferred the wine into a new bottle and corked is properly, but now I have a bottle with a cork inside.

What's the best way to get it out or did I just lose a good bottle?
Yup. The retriever costs almost the same as a box of 12 750ml bottles from my local store. Oh well...

Thats pretty cool Wade, a guy/gal could even win some money on that trick!!!!
That is a very neat trick. And I tried it. Unfortunately, I guess the bag I chose to use wasn't strong enough. It ripped in the pulling and now the cork is entangled in a 1/4 of the bag. This is not my day. :)
I use the cheap grocery bags when I do need to do this which isnt very frequent but it has worked every time(about 3)!
Darn Van, you may have to start on new thread on how to remove a mangled bag from a bottle.:)
Live and learn. I just started making wine and I'm soaking up the knowledge. Next time, I'll carefully choose my bag. :)
Almost seems like there would be something that would dissolve or at least break it up, though never heard of anything, and in fact never heard about removing one till you asked.