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Dutch Winemaker
Nov 5, 2006
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Raisins are used for giving a must some body and for adding sugar.
That is why raisins are widely used in winemaking recipes.

So last week I made an apricot wine and this week a pumpkin wine.
Both recipes called for raisins.

So I briefly here describe how I processed them.

Raisins contain sulphite for conservation purposes.
The key to success is therefore to carefully rinse them before using them. Preferably with hot water.

Next step is that the raisins should be pulped before using because the yeast have to have access to the inner of the raisins to get to the sugar.

Now anyone who has tried to process raisins with a mixer or kitchen machine knows they will clutter up and the machine will not get properly through them.

The secret is to put the raisins in boiling water and let them soak overnight. Next day the will have swollen because they have soaked up the water. Now they are easily chopped in a mixer or kitchen machine.

More info (to much to publish here) on when to use white and when to use dark raisins, the sulphite issue, why they taste oxidised and how much sugar is in them you will find on my web-log on the 12 November 2007 entry:

Luc Volders

Wine Maker

Jun 9, 2007
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Thanks Luc. I have seen various recipes for using raisins. I haven't used them yet but never considered rinsing before but that make sense as does the soaking in warm water.

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