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Jun 14, 2009
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Hello Everyone ,

Today's questions we have.:h ( There are two questions)

. How much can you drink at once that means in gallons or litre or simple Pegs.:D

02. What is the time difference you actually drink.:D

My Answers :-:h

01. I have only drink 900 ml Bottle of beer and believe me I was running like a mad OX.

02. I drink once in a week or may be two, if my pocket is healthy.

Please verify both answer or one is also enough , but I m interested in both ....::

They are as simple as to drink one glass of beer or wine :b ..... Don't shy & Don't Afraid.

Thanks in advanced Bye bye take care .....
I dont drink to get wasted! Ill have a couple of beers or a few glasses of wine veryother nite or about 4 days a week.
That hurt's

People in my city drink as much as they can, and then they fly like a jet :), they get wasted every day and every moment they get. Believe me I know some of my friends who drink about 2 liter or more in one day and this is there daily routine :b. I m happy I m not like that :r.

I was hoping that I will get many people here like them, don't get angry there is a reason because u all people make wine at home which is good then the wine we get from market and little cheap.:D

ok fine bye bye take care meet later :D
When I was younger I drank like that. Now I'm almost 32 and understand that moderation leads to a more enjoyable experience.

Plus I now afford quality drinks, not cheap beer, so its a waste to drink fast while avoiding all the flavors and aromas and such.
people around here are wise and good, that means I have seen that many members are 30 + age, that's nice to be a member of such kind of forum, were people are intelligent and can understand , in other forums people come from all age group and they just break rules and do what they like, it go all rubbish and bad.

Yeah u r right malkore sir, that fine and I also think that but my age is 23 now :D, not very old and not too young :)

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