How many gallons of Lon D's Skeeter Pee have been made?

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4055 +5=4060.
Divided into 1 gal backsweetened blue raspberry kool-aid with sugar syrup, 1 gal b-s Countrytime lemonade mix, 3 gal b-s with sugar syrup. Taste testing for preferred flavor.
4060 + 10 = 4070

My Hydrometer paper slipped a LOT, so, the batch on the left (4 gallons in the bucket, 1 gallon in the carboy) has an extra pound of sugar, to be about 12% when it finishes. I'm planning on adding half a gallon of water 17 ounces of lemon juice to get it back to 10% abv once it's done :)

Blueberry 18
Mixed Berry 6
Strawberry 6

Lemon 6
Lemon/Peach 12
Lemon/Blueberry 6
Lemon/Strawberry 6
4208 + 400 =4608

Bottling another commercial batch soon. Not sure if this is Lon's recipe though
Really? Care to share that recipe? sounds interesting.
Sorry this took so long to reply, been traveling. Followed original SP recipe but subbed lime juice for the lemon juice. Then when bottling added about 1 oz. mint extract/flavoring per gallon & added 1 small mint leaf to each bottle. Came out great.