How many bottles are in your cellar?

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I have about 100 now. And capacity in the rack for 300ish.

My wife really wants to see it full and I'm happy to work to that goal... I have only a couple of carboys on the go (one is being made for someone else) so I'll need to step things up.
Currently, I have about 350 on the shelves and another 150 in some stage of bulk activity. Since I am retiring in May and traveling in our RV, I am letting my inventory decline. At its peak, I was around 650 bottles plus carboys.
Sadly just over 100. My goal is 1000, but I just started making wine 2 years ago so I'll get there soon.
i'm around the 400 mark give or take. also running 12 carboys and currently have 7 kits in line (couldn't pass up recent sales). usually make around 20 dozen beer and a cider or 2 each year. told my wife that if she insists we give up drinking, i will need at least 3 years notice.

I got 329 bottles, 51 have something in them. Backstage is 2 - 3 gal carboys (Raspberry & apple), 2 gallons of mint, 1 gallon dandylion & 2 gallon of jalapeno (cooking only, too hot)
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Anybody hiding a "Methuselah" in their cellar?

noun | muh-THOO-zuh-luh

1 an ancestor of Noah held to have lived 969 years
2 an oversize wine bottle holding about six liters
Bought them from Columbia Crest and Costco. Have not opened any yet. All H3.

I found that you can purchase corks for them from Valley Vintner but they are not cheap. Like $4 ea and you can compress them enough with your floor corker to get them inserted partway and then you pound them in the rest of the way with a wooded mallet.

How do you cork those?

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