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Aug 1, 2016
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Your first bottles? We have a tradition in my family to empty our first demijohn and bottle our October wine on December 24th for Xmas. Obviously, it only gets better with age!
I bottle every year at the end of March for my wife's birthday. The family comes down so we make a day of it. For my whites and Rose' wines that means it has been about 6 months since harvest. For the Reds, about 18 months.
Whites I bulk age for ~ 6 months to bottle. Reds, two years bulk, bottle and another year in the bottle before drinking as a rule. Of course, taste dictates everything, and I taste bulk aging monthly::
I bulk age for 18 to 24 months. I bottle just in time for fall crush. So, for example, I will not begin to bottle my 2016 vintages until April/May of 2018.
My process is roughly a year. Gotta empty the carboys before the next batch of grapes arrives. I'd probably go longer, but I don't want to buy any more carboys.

Kits are 6-9 months for reds, shorter for whites.
4 week kits get 2 months bulk 2 months bottle aging. 6 week kits 3 and 3. Country/fruit wines 2 and 2. Save a bottle or two from each batch for a year or more.

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