hi from knoxville, tn

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Aug 24, 2009
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Hey all. I am a beginner and will be starting my wine making tomorrow or the next day. I have to make sure my local wine shop has the right tools though.

I will update my progress and let you all know how my wine turns out.

Thanks in advance for any help I am sure I will need...


You will find a well versed group of winemakers here. What are you making?
BTW get extra equipment so you can start #2 batch asap.
Morning Lovethepirk,

Welcome to our forum, (and major obsession for most of us).

Feel free to ask for any information you need, if there is no one around to help you.. we have a lot of information stored in the files here.. do a quick search and something useful will pop up..

Is this your absolutely first wine?.. What are you making?

Well as a goof so to speak I was going to do it cheap and use Welches, but I think after reading all day I think I am going to spend some money and do it right.

I am going to go to the local brew shop here and get 'Pinot Noir" grape juice and use that kit. My girl and I like pinot noir the best.

I am going to ask a few questions in the proper thread and feel free to chime in, For right now I am getting my thoughts and questions together.

Thanks for your help. Will be posting questions soon!!!!!
Welcome aboard. Glad to have you here. Ask those questions. The group here won't steer you wrong.
take a look at my plan of attack if you would and help me fine tune this adventure if you will:

It is posted in the beginners section, I cannot post a link yet :(
i'm a newbie here myself. although i've made ~80 or more batches of wine. :p

the best part of making the wine yourself is two parts, 1 the first glass of a successful batch (both before and after bottling :) )and 2 creating something you can't buy that has been tailored to your own liking. i hate buying a wine to try it and then feel like, "this wine is too sweet, but the flavor is great."

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