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Nov 2, 2007
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Neighbor has lot of equipment and experience in making wine batches of 50-75 gallons at a time from grapes. This year I joined in, helped, learned, taking about 15 gallons of couple types of red (Petit Syrah and Cab/Merlot blend).

Also on my own made a batch from fresh juice purchased locally (Sauv. Blanc) and also made a kit (Wine Expert International Pino Grigio).

One carboy of red from grapes is still fermenting, 2 carboys of red are almost ready for first rack.

Both whites are almost ready for first racking also.

Hope to read and learn more as I wind my way down this path!
Sorry about missing your intro. Welcome aboard. Sounds like you are off to a great start in winemaking. Not many get to make wine from fresh grapes. Look forward to reading your posts
Thanks. Tasted the Petit Syrah red and it is heavy, thick and too young, but it looks great.
Also tasted the WE kit Pinot grigio and it tastes, well, odd. Has a certain aroma (not rotten eggs or really offensive, just weird and "off"). Hoping that additional aging will clear this up but I really don't know.
The Sauvignon Blanc made from "fresh" juice tasted really, really good and I have high hopes!

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