hi all from hbg. pa.

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Jun 5, 2009
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hi everyone.i just found this recently. my father made wine when i was young.and i got to stomp the grapes grown in our back yard.he also let me learn my lesson on that wine when i was 11.i didnt want to touch it again till my highscool years.we affectionately named it "ronnies red rotgut".
it was red grape wine.and from what i can figure pretty good for the type. i just dont care for that type of wine really.but 1 glass is all it took to catch you a buzz.he also made the best peach wine i ever tasted.and i pretty much finished it off the year i graduated.i made some of my own wine about 4 years ago.strawberry and plum which turned out great. i also made 2 batches of peach which turned to vinegar.mostly because i was moving and my old roommate let the lid off them too long when stirring it for me.i'd like to make some great peach wine like my dad made some time.i still have a lot to learn. so i'm glad i found this place.i'm currently trying a batch of strawberry again,since its strawberry season.:D
Welcome !
Here you will find all sorts of winemakers. Some even make wine out of things you could not imagine.
There are also alot of fruit wine makers so ask if you have any questions.