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Mar 1, 2007
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Hey Yall! Well that's not really represenative of where I'm from. I grew up south of Detroit, but living in Kentucky now. (West KY)
Anyway. New to the site and new to the hobby. I needed something to fill up spare time and keep me out of trouble. Not sure how that's going to work but what the heck! I'll give it a try!
Looking for advice to enhance my wine making and drinking.

Cheers Yall!
Welcome Matt! I'm sure you will find the world of wine to be fun and exciting. The process is pretty simple with kits and there is enough valuable information on this forum as well. Let us know if you have questions on anything and/or if you need help getting started.

Good luck and welcome!
Welcome Matt. I grew up not too far from your neck of the woods in South Central Illinois.

Smurfe :)
What an interesting site. Ya know I've been on a lot of sites since starting my fist batch, but this was the first forum site I landed on.
I've got about 13 days until I start fining my first batch and it's nice to know that I now have a place to ask questions and get opinions. So whomever started this site, "Thanx".. Super job.
I just joined this forum as well. We're here in central Ky near Lexington. Just wanted to say Hello. I know how you feel about your first batch. Exciting!!!!
Andy H

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