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Rob & Patti

Jan 3, 2009
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Hi this is Patti of "Rob and Patti." Rob and I joined the forum a month or so ago but haven't posted. So... here we are!

I think the forum is great. We poked around and picked up some good information already.

We began making wine since this Christmas. We've started our second batch. This is my first experience with it and I'm really enjoying. Rob has brewed beer before so he's not a complete novice!

We did a pinot noir first. Its been bottled and put away for a few months! We're doing a mezza luna red now. That's on its second fermentation.

We're lucky that we have several good suppliers around us. I look forward to visiting the shops and listening to the conversations. There is lots to be learned that way as well!

So... that's us! Its nice to meet you all!
Welcome !!!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them.

I guess you are making most kits and we do have some
great experts on that on this forum (are you listening Steve).

I never make kits, I always use fresh fruit or juices, then
you must know that from all the posts.

So if anything comes up, let us join in. Most people over here are most helpfull.

Welcome Patti, glad you are enjoying the fruits of your labor. Just so you know, you are probly in your secondary vessel and not secondary fermentation. Secondary fermentation would either b a Malolactic fermentation which occurs typically by innoculating your wine with a malolactic bateria which will help eat up malic acid in a highly acidic wine. The other secondary fermentation would be for making Sparkling wine where you want your wine to ferment again while in the bottle much like you will do with beer.
Welcome to our world Rob/Patti, Steve is our "kit man" and seems very knowledgable on the subject. I hope he can answer some of the questions you have regarding kits. Making wine from juice or concentrates is a slightly different process, and there are plenty of members in here who will be happy to help you along. Just ask. Keep notes on anything you do, wheteher it is a kit or not. It will help for the more experienced makers to help solve any of the questions you may encounter.
What part of MD? How did your wines turn out?
I'm over in Westminster. Just bottled my first kit.
Hope you're enjoying winemaking. Me and Kat have a lot of fun with it.