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Sep 5, 2009
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I am trying my hand at winemaking using a recipe from jack kellers for muscadines. I have had a few things go not as planned. I think I am ok, but would rather hear it from those that know.
First I used a full gallon of water instead of the 3 quarts that were called for. I added extra sugar to hopefully compensate for H2O. After checking S.G. on day two, it was at 1.090.
Second and more importantly. Tonight I came home and decided to check S.G. again. By the way this is Day 4. S.G. was at 1.016. I was suppose to rack to a secondary at 1.030. I hurridly got everything ready and racked. With the air locks on, everything is looking OK. Did I catch it in time?
You can transfer anytime below 1.020. I dont like transferring that high (1.030)
hello and welcome to the forum..

You caught it in time.. usually those instructions are a guide, racking it at exactly 1.030, isn't feasible for everyone. It was close to the stated SG and still fermenting.

It's fine

Man that was fast. Thanks for putting me at ease. One more quick question. Can I put "One Step" into a spray bottle to use for general sanitizing. For instance, before I stirred the must I would spray the utinsil with One Step. Is this acceptable?

Thanks for the quick replies.
I pour boiling water over my spoon before stirring.. but then I don't have access to one step or know what its sanitising properties are.

perhaps someone that uses the product could step in and give you an answer.

Welcome to the forum. I don't think One Step will work that well in a spray bottle. It is a Per carbonate cleaner that cleans with oxygen. If I remember I tried this once and the bottle swelled all up as it produces gas that is oxygen. Also, technically One Step is not a sanitizer but don't freak out about that. If you practice good cleaning practices it will work OK.
I use a solution of k-meta in a spray bottle.

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