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Dec 3, 2009
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Hey guys, My mother asked if I could make up a batch of sparkling wine for christmas, so I ask you, If I were to take my orange wine in secondary and bottle it in champagne or 2 liter soda bottles while it is still fermenting or close to being finished and let it sit for a few weeks will it be somewhat sparkling? like an elementary sparkling wine?
How long has it been in the secondary?

What is your SG?

It might not taste very good if it is young...

I am sure you could carb it up like beer and cold crash it beofre you get bottle bombs, but who knows how it would taste.
its been in secondary about 3 weeks now, was in primary for 3 weeks, hydrometer reads 1010 or so .... i think its almost done, but yea, I think I want to force carbonate it, she apparently really likes my wines haha, and wants something to enjoy on Christmas, how long should i leave it to carb in a 2 liter bottle before cold crashing? and how much sugar should i prime with?
Do you mean 5 gallon keg? They can get pricey and you will need to chill the keg to get it carbonated decent.
no, my homebrew shop carries small 5 liter kegs, that you can use small co2 canisters , I have a sparkling ale that i force carbonated in one of these and it works well, I dont see why it wouldnt work for that
I know what youre talking about now, I thought those had to be naturally carbed and then the C02 cartridges were for dispensing?
I have used the 5L kegs with a tap and 12/16 gram CO2 cartridges.

They are not all they're cracked up to be. The thin kegs will actually warp if there's too much pressure built up (unlike a corny that'll pop its safety valve).

Maybe you'll have better luck.

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