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Feb 17, 2009
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Hi everyone, I'm Jorge from Ponce, PR! I hope everything is well. I recently became interested in wine making and wine itself so I ordered a wine making kit! Im very excited and have read about the process etc, but what do you all think? Is it worth it to start learning? My father is a wine freak but I think has no idea about home mades etc, and i thought it would be a good opportunity to teach him, myself and make some and learn more about wine!!!

Temperatures here are HOT, but we do have a temp. controlled room for my dads wines which could fit the carboys / equipment.

Hope to learn more from this community and I may be asking many questions in these days. I just ordered the kit, so I will start making it in about 2 weeks hopefully! I got the Shiraz winexpert kit plus all the equipment in the making kit.
Any suggestions, comments, questions please!!
Thanks Guys!

Jorge Welcome !!!

There is a lot of knowledge here and there are dedicated
kit-wine makers (I am not) and fruit wine makers (I am)
so if you have any questions we are likely to have some answers.

When asking questions be sure to supply as much information
as is available, that makes life a lot easier for those wanting to

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Bienvenido! Your enthusiasmn tells me you are really going to enjoy your new found hobby and I am willing to bet your dad will enjoy it equally as well, thats even better. Look forward to seeing you in here. Just by reviewing some of the past threads you can learn alot, if you have any other questions go ahead and give us a shout.
Welcome please tell us what kit you have and what te temps are in the wine room.
Gracias por las Bienvenidas (thanks for the welcomings?) Anyways, I think this is really cool, right here I am seeing people from all over the world which I thnk is important and awsome that everyone can connect and enjoy each others' cultures and ideas.

Wade, It has not arrived yet, but it is the 28 Day Winexpert Vintners Reserve Shiraz. As for the room temperature I cannot tell you exactly the temp. b/c Im not at my home as of now. But I am almost certain it is between 60-75, maaaaybe slightly less but I doubt it (LOL, I know I'm being a bit Broad with my answers). When I am certain I will post it for sure. I have been reading the forums around so Ive been learning a few things, but I want to be sure of everything when I make it so it comes out at least decent haha. A

Anyways, I will be posting more info here or in the beg. forums so that we can help each other? I'm too excited :) .... Ill be reading around as well so I dont ask dumb questions.

Thanks guys, appreciate it.

Hi Blink!!
My in-laws are both from PR! He was in the army and they traveled a lot, of course. But he is long retired now and they had moved back to PR about 9 years ago. Father-in-law loved it being back home, but alas, "Mama can't take the heat" as dad would say,so they moved back home in about 2001. They still have a house in Cidra along with my wife's Grandma, an Uncle,a slew of Aunts ..a passle of cousins.... :D Hopefully someday the wife and I will get a chance to travel and see the relatives waay down south :)
Welcome to the forum!!
Bein Bein we almost posted at the same time jaja. That is great! PR is very beautiful and has alot to offer (if you search for it). Cidra is about 1 hr away from me (Im residing in the town of Ponce (south)). I live in San Juan normally, but now im studying so I came back to Ponce to rid of my distractions until I take my tests!!

Well, if you come someday you talk to me and I'll show you the beautiful. Im very adventurous so I know my way around the island pretty well. And i dont know you but what the hell haha.

take care, hope to hear from u here.
hey what about Troy, I live in the middle of Alaska and it is colder than snot! If I move to PR can I bring my cats? No puedo decir muchas cosas en espanol, pero me explicar un poco.
(I speak a little Russian too, but I am pretty sure PR is a little warmer):D
Hey Troy, you can def. bring your cats, although around where I live, theres like a ton of "wild" cats mating everywhere and catching u by surprise at night. Freaky... They are stray cats? i guess... everywhere...

Bro, hablas español muy bien. Si, te puedo explicar cualquier cosa en Español para que aprendas mejor.
Jorge, I am new here too. Everyone here is willing to help you learn. They have pointed me in the right direction (I hope :eek:). I ordered my stuff today. Ask questions (maybe not the water bottle question) and they always answer. Good Luck and let us know how your wine turns out.

Mike D
Si, lo comprendo. i speak fluent French too. Go figure al the money I spent to learn these and I am trying to find a cheap way to stay, well, in the influence of a nice wine.
No comprendo
So whats wrong with plastic water bottles Mike? Guess you never had to haul water.:D My first two years here I lived in the wilderness and my school work was kicked out of the back of a plane. Our water, each day we needed to go down to the creek and chop a hole in the ice. My dad made wine then, it was no where as good as what has been taught to me in here but at 12 years old in the middle of the winter here it sho enuff worked.:D I'd like to tell you about his first attemp at making beer when like 40 bottles began to explode at the same time.:) Holy smokes
What I meant by all that Mike is sometimes you have to do the best with what you have.
You can still make alot even if you only have alittle to start with.
Sumpin like that
Thats funny Mike the water bottle question goes on and on, I am not sure if we have reached any sort of conclusion but it is suure a topic that will bring a response. Start a question regarding nylons and the wine making process..thats almost as fun!!
Take Care Bro
mjdtexan, thanks for the advice, I hope to go the right direction jaja...

the glass or plastic one? don't worry... I don't know if it is that one, ill look it up anyways....



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