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hey there, newb wine and soon mead maker here.. I have about 20 batches of beer under my belt now so not a total newb,, not a pro either that's for sure. just here to learn and grow my hobbie.. take care
Welcome aboard. Glad to have you here. We have a few beer brewers here as well. Are you going to make wine from fresh grapes or kits? I see the area you live you ought to have access to many of the best grapes. Look forward to reading your posts.
Hello and welcome,

making mead means access to a good supply of honey.. what sort of honey to you get out your way?

well so far I've only made wine from kits, I've done a pinot, and amarone,, next year I plan on making wine from the actual grape, I'm sure I'll do a few kits before then. I have a sirah and a nice blend kit waiting to get started right now. as far as what type of honey we have out here? I'm not sure.. mead is on my to do this winter list. I'm still trying several to decide what I want to make.
take care

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