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Joe "the Grape"
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Nov 10, 2006
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Sterling Heights, MI
I started making wine 7 years ago. Started out with kits and graduated to juice in about a year.

My first juice came from a winery in Southwest Ontario Canada called Erie Shores Vineyard. The varietals were Reisling, Vidal and a Baco Noir. The Baco Noir was really great!

The following year I was extremely disappointed that they did not have a good crop yield of the Baco Noir varietal. So I ended up making another Vidal and Cabernet Franc.

The year after that the Baco Noir was again available, so I purchased 15 gallons. This also can out great.

I stopped dealing with them the next year because their prices kept go up and finally just skyrocketed. This led me to a place in Detroit that carried fresh grape juice. The price of a 6 gallon bucket was $70 ...ouch! But still cheaper than going to Canada for a 5 gallon bucket at $90 :eek:

The brand name on the bucket was L'uva Bella and the Cabernet Sauvignon juice produced a fantastic wine. I noticed a web-site name on the bucket. So, looking it up produced a new finding. The L'uva Bella brand was distributed out of Ohio ...and the prices were about 40% cheaper :) Needless to say, i started to buy the juice from the distributor. Only one problem, This guy is a 4.5 hour drive away.

So, I belong to a local beer brewing club and asked if anyone wanted grape juice. I got a total of 20 buckets and we split the gas cost equally amongst each bucket. This only added $4 to each bucket. this went on for two years which included juice in the spring from Chile.

This year I started a wine and grape juice supply business in Michigan for the same distributor. Things have been going good so far but expect it to get better next year and the following years.

Here is a link to the web page: http://www.MacombVintnerSupply.com

If you live in Southeast Michigan (or anywhere in Michigan for that fact) please check it out. The prices are extremely good and I can honestly say that the juice in very high quality :)

Joe Mezza

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