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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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Hope all you Mothers have a great Day and relax and drink some of your or your hubbies product!
Thanks Wade, I had a fabulous day, my girls spoilt me and then I spoilt my Mum. Surprisingly I didnt drink anything stronger than coffee all day though!!! Not like me!!!
And I too would like to say Happy Mothers Day to all of the gals in here who have earned the title and to all of those in here who appreciate our Moms. I am personnly along way from home, and I miss my MUM, she is coming to Alaska next month. After 30 yrs, my Mom will come to visit me, I hope I can show her my home as she as always taught me what a home was. We only get one MOM, let us not forget it!! We can make all the wine we want, but we will only have one MOM to share it with!

And so for all the MOMS, I say....Happy Mothers Day.:D

Troy M. Sauve

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