Happy Birthday Tom!

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Jun 20, 2005
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I am terrible about logging in to a forum and reading the first page, particularly scrolling down to the bottom where the birthdays are listed. I always log into New Posts. Just saw today is our Moderator Tom's birthday. Happy birthday Tom. Hope it is a great one! :b
Happy birthday Tom..

any excuse to open a bottle or two!

Happy B-Day Tepe, I meant to post this earlier but got side tracked with checking out some stuff in the control panel.
Thanks Guys, (ladies)
Today I celebrated by bottling 5 cases of wine.
Just what the Wine Gods left me 1 - 750ml And after that 3 more 750's with wife and daughter
Too late, sorry.

Happy birthday and I wish you many years to come in good health.

Better a day late than never.
Happy Birthday my faceless friend. I hope that you have a year of good days and many more years ahead.
Faceless? I have a face you just can't see it.. LOL! :b
yea I got to bottle 5 cases of wine..
Son and daughter did give me a WEBBER gas grill thou
Many Many Happy returns of the day.Enjoy day with your parents and friends and have lots of fun.

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