Happr Easter!

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Feb 23, 2009
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Happy Easter!

Couldn't ask for better weather here in upstate NY! Going to be a beautiful day! Bottled my RJS Sangria friday night, and this stuff is fantastic! Bringing it to the BIL's for dinner tonight, and need to figure out who is going to be the DD! LOL!

Hope everyone has a great day today!


Mods.. Could you edit the title? I can't spell this early!:slp
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Thanks and Happy Easter to all who celebrate it And happy holidays to everyone else.

I will leave the edit to Wade.
We are having wifes sister and husband here for Smoked Chicken and Ribs.

NOW, what wine paring would you use?
I'm bottling 3 gallons of Apple Jack today but saving some for dinner. Can't wait.
I'll second what Tom said, happy Easter to those and happy Holidays to those that don't.
We're going over to my Brothers for a family get together. Those are always great.

I like to think back on those days years ago, of the important things happening and the important people. Kings, priests, soldiers and wonder, you never hear much about one of the most important. The local wine maker. You've got to remember, wine was good, water was bad.
Happy Easter everyone, Im having La Famila over here in a few hours.
Happy Easter everyone !! Hope you are all having a beautiful waether wise as we are it's 20 C here right now only a slight breeze .We went for a Easter Brunch at local hotel it was fanatastic the food was great and the servers all very friendly :h . Think I'll take the dog for a long walk ,run for her then chill out . Just having an easy BBQ later .
Very pretty day here so I took my dogs for a long walk and did a bit of gardening.
Happy Easter everyone.
Happy Easter my Friends!
I' working all weekend, in Atlantic City today, and San Juan tonite, but the family is all together...I have some Chilian Carmenere ready to bottle when I get home, the Chocolate Orange Port is coming along, I think it will be a while before I can bottle it, deciding what to make next. George has some good deals on kits right now.
Enjoy the Weekend/Holiday

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