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Nittany Winer
Sep 30, 2009
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I am Eric McGinnis and am interested in moving my winemaking to the next level. I have only made two batches - the first was a kit and turned out great. The current batch is awaiting bottling - next week or so - and was made with concord grapes from our vineyard and then welches juice....simple and my wife likes it.

I have used this community a couple times in the past few months to learn more about the art and chemistry of wine making and feel empowered to plow forward.

Next steps for me will be starting one or two new batches in the coming weeks (from kits or shipped musts) and getting more serious about keeping a production schedule.

best wishes and I look forward to sharing thoughts and learning much....

Good luck with your endeavor. It quickly becomes an obsession. :)
Greetings from Pittsburgh. You'll have to make a trip to the strip district in Sept. For juice from Calif. if you like. They have the best prices.
Welcome aboard Guiness, you will enjoy this forum and we look forward to hearing about your wine making. I'll be down this weekend to drop off my daughter at school!

Safe travels Dan....I was going to make a comment about snow, but from Edinboro, you don't need reminding.