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Apr 16, 2010
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Hello everyone,

I'm new to making wine, I am into my second year doing so.

It's been a bit of a roller coaster, a few botched batches and a few successes. All up I'm luvin it, although as a student the price of equipment is a killer, although the end product is worth it haha

I'm lucky that I almost have an unlimited supply of kiwifruit and feijoa's, which is great as it really cuts the costs down.

In the last week, I've done a pear wine that is bubbling away furiously. A plum wine that the yeast didn't work, so fixed with another yeast (activated etc before I put into the fermenter), and a couple of feijoa wines using different yeasts (will be interesting to see the differences).

I have been investigating how to make champagne, so am hoping to give that a go sometime this year.

If anyones got a cranking feijoa recipe, I'd love to give it a go as I've got a freezer full of them at the moment.

Hi Crazyx2, welcome to the forum.

I have never heard of a feijoa.
Hey Rob,

I think you guys call them guava's of some sort?

This forum looks like theres a tonne of information, I'm sick of scouring the net didnt realise there was a place like this! :br

Whats the local fruits around your neck of the woods?
Oh cool, what does a raspberry wine taste like?

They're super expensive here, I saw them in like a 150gram pack for like $7 nzd each!
Welcome aboard carzyx2 ,thats really expnesive for raspberries .We have alot of fruits that go wild around here raspberries , blueberries and more and some like strawberries that you can U - Pick as much as yuo like .So we are lucky .I can't wait summer to get here so I can experimenting with some fruit wines .
A raspberry wine taste like Raspberry! :) I have heard people talk about the feijoa on here as we have a few people in your neck of the woods sometimes. I have included a link for you to checkout as far as recipes go but I will tell you that most of the recipes on the net are low in fruit and high in alc which just makes a wine that has very little flavor and needs to aged long to get rid of the harsh bite from too high an abv. Try and keep the starting sg on most fruit wines to around 1.085 and youll find yourself making a much better product, also try and use about 6 lbs or more of fruit per gallon. check out his link for recipes.
Hi Crazy
What part of NZ you from? I'm in Hamilton. Been trying to start up a wine makers club and so far in 1 year ther is only me and my good friend Boozehag. Slow starters down under??!! Anyway, I'm about to start a feijoa and I know that Boozehag did one last year so I'll post the recipe when I get it from her, unless she sees this first. Otherwise I'm just going to use my kiwifruit recipe and adapt it. I figured the acidity etc would be approx. the same as feijoas.
Robie, Feijoas are the same as Pineapple Guavas I believe
I'm in Hamilton also, a wine makers club would be fun, my aunty likes to make wine aswell.

I've just been following the jackheller recipes but have started using alot more feijoa's, I did a 25 litre batch yesterday that had 7 kg's of feijoa pulp in it. A bit unsure how much sugar to add to it though, I'm going to put up another thread about that batch as I also added some canned pineapple to mix the taste of it.

Haha Wade, you would hope it tasted like Raspberry aye!
That's cool. I'll be seeing Boozehag tomorrow and we'll set a date for our next meeting/ tasting. Will let you know and hopefully you can join us!
hiya crazy and welcome to the forum

(NZ'ers are taking over the world!)

LMAO..but they already know what the lottery number is also.

Years ago when we has Dish network just on the living room TV. The TV in the kitchen was antennae only. I blew the kids mind with the lottery numbers because the Dish feed was about 5 seconds behind.

I'm guessing the numbers and they're correct. Jeopardy was a howl to with the answers.

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