Glass vs. Plastic Carboys

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Oct 11, 2022
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I know this is about glass vs plastic but I don't really trust either! :slp

I bought some small Franklin moving carts 18"x12" ( $11 on sale) and screwed a 18"x15" piece of plywood or OSB on the top. Plus, also use a clear plastic storage box to put my fermentor and glass carboy inside to insure if there is a failure on my plastic or glass it doesn't cost me my life from being smothered with a pillow in my sleep by the wife! I am able to wheel everything around carefully and this works for me. Bought the AIO wine pump so no lifting. (I've got six wines going) My brother in law had a plastic fermentor fail and stain his tile floor and well ... Vinny dropped some glass. I've lived my whole adult life planning for the worst and hoping for the best and unfortunately it didn't change much after I retired. 😆


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May 1, 2022
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I have been given permission to build a wine cellar, In 3 months I retire and move to our land in Washington state where I will use a 30 foot container to make that cellar. When that happens I will have elevated racks for working my wines. I think I will go all glass at that time. I also plan on stepping up the game on my grape wines with larger batches. Fruit wines will probably stay in the 3 gallon batch as I enjoy the varieties, but with room comes desire to make large batches of some of my favorite grape wines. Wines like Zinfadels are hard to find good example here in the pacific northwest and when I lived in SoCal they were all over the place. I also will probably like to make some Chiantis also but the Sangiovese is a common grape grown around here.
Now to research on larger fermentation and storage vessels