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Oct 23, 2014
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40 mile yonder & PLUM NOWHERE
today while my younger brother was bush hoging my larger mule lot, i was cutting limbs, and cutting elms and buck eyes, on toward evening,, i saw a small elm, about 4 inches thru i pulled up to it gave the saw a easy pull but i wasnt expecting it to be right at full compression and the handle yanked outta my hand, so i grabed the pull handle and gave a very hardy pull , the pull rope snapped about 8 inches from the handle, it's a small saw i forget the size, it's a sthil probally about 2 cubic inches, and was not going to the house to get my big saw, it is a sthil 066 ,, 5.83 cubic inch, and is kinda heavy for limbing and brush cutting, so i went to the othe end of the lot and had my brother shut down his tractor, to tell him we might as well call it a day, he was ready too. he went to start his tractor and it just clicked, so he hopped in and i ran him to his house for jumper cables, no dice,, still it just clicked, so we checked his battery, hot as a fire cracker, starter was locked up, ,, so monday he gets to buy a tractor starter,, and i'll take my chainsaw to the shop to be fixed, ifrom dont know about what it is like a few miles from us, but we had a couple good rains this week, but from the dust it looked like it hadn't raned in ats long time, i noticd several hickory trees that had dead leaves in spots, that were dead and curled up, while the rest of the leaves were green, last year we had several oak and hickory trees die, 3 were close to 3 feet through, i don't understand, the elms roots are on top the ground and look great, but a hickory has a very deep tap root, and the dogwoods has roots on top the ground, and between last year and this year, we've had almost half of the dogwoos die, we had decent rains this year, and all the people i know only one has a good garden, ofcourse i don't get out and know a lot of people, on down in the bottoms the row crop farmers crops look good,