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Nov 3, 2008
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Ok, a little help please.

Kit- RJ Spagnols Grand Cru Heritage Cab

On the bottling step (day 28) I racked to a carboy instead of bottling. This was 12/11/08.

I want to bottle on Friday. Should I degas? Should I rack to the primary bucket before bottling (as stated in the instructions)? Should I add sulfites and if so how much?

Also, how about cork prep? Any tips?

This batch will be a fairly early drinker, I have some more in the pipeline that I plan to age more.

Thanks in advance!!!
I'm not a kit person but I'll weigh in anyway. Your wine should be degassed prior to bottling and personally I find it easier to bottle from a primary bucket. One crushed and dissolved camden tablet per gallon is the recommended sulfite addition. I make up a sanitizing solution using 3tbs of K-meta in a gallon jug and use this for sanitizing the bottles as well as the corks before I bottle.

If you plan to back sweeten you'll need to add 1/2tsp K-sorbate per gallon.
Thank you for trying to tell us which kit. Their is a Grand Cru Cab Sauv, and a Heritage Estates Cab Sauv. But no Grand Cru Heritage kits.

But for this question it doesn't really matter.

Since you are going to be drinking early, there is no need to add more sulfites (assuming you added the package at stabilizing/clearing time.

You should have degassed at stabilizing/clearing. If it needs to be degassed, rack off the sediment to a primary and stir gently.

Even if it doesn't need to be degassed, racking off the sediment is a great idea for beginners because then they don't have to worry about the sediment while bottling.

Radar, I agree fully with Cps post. Where are you in Ct., I am in Middlebury.
Thanks guys. Steve, I was reading the name of the kit off the top of the instruction sheet, now I see my confusion on the name of the kit. The instructions are for all 3 kits Grand Cru, Heritage Estates and Vino del Vida.

I did degas at the stabilizing & clearing step. Also added the included sulphite.

My plan then is to rack off the sediment and bottle without adding anything. Would stirring at this point make any difference?


I live in Granby and work in Hartford. Where do you buy your kits in CT? Avoiding the shipping charges would be nice.
28 day bottling

What very little I know about kits I've learned in this forum, was curious why a kit can be bottled in 28 days. I'm quessing because it doesn't use whole fruit. If thats the case, should a wine made with juice or from a concentrate also(hypothetically) be ready in as little days?
I bottled today. Went very well for the first try I think. Seeing 29 bottles in front of me was very satisfying indeed!!

I ended up with about 1/2 bottle left over and had to try a glass. First impressions- very clear and a great color. Tasted a little thin and not much of a finish. Kind of a grape juice nose (swirled it around in the glass for a while and this really improved).

Question- This is a lower end kit (RJ Spagnols Vino Del Vida Cabernet Sauvignon, I think I got it right this time Steve) and it is very early. How much can I expect it to improve in 2 to 3 months? Overall I am satisfied at this point, just trying to gauge quality.

Next one to bottle is a Wine Expert Selection International Montepulciano, can't wait!

Wow, a real kit name!!! :p Thanks.

Yep, a bit thin sounds right for VdeV. Your Monte should be more full bodied. However, kit wines often seem a bit light at bottling and in the couple of weeks afterwards. The body comes back after a month or more of decent storage.

I think these smaller kits are always thin but it will improve over the next few months, how much, I would say that it will be 25% better. The bigger kits will not be as thin and the grapeskin kits are not thin at all.
Thanks guys. I've these two arriving tomorrow-

Mosti Mondiale Original All Juice Amarone with Red Raisins

Mosti Mondiale Original All Juice Merlot

Now that I know I did not ruin the first one, I looking forward to these. have you tried either?

Where did you order these from? I use for my internet shopping, he is a great guy and stands behind his product 100% and I mean this truly, think about it next time you shop for wine related items next time.
Awesome, he is a good man and if you ever have any problems call him and he'll straighten it out fats and make up for any inconvenience.
For you guys in CT. The best store in CT for wine making is Maltose Express in Monroe. They literally have everything, a little pricey but great advice. Buying your grapes from M&M fruit and produce, they have the best prices outside of the New Haven produce market. Down there you can get cases for $12
A case for $12 is outrageous. last time we had grapes in the store hear, they were like $4/lb.!!!
Wade, Do you ever buy from Cali bros in Waterbury ?
I was just there yesterday and the owner said he would have fresh juice from Chili in the last week of April.
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