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Ernest T Bass

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Sep 20, 2010
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I'm fixin to bite the bullet and buy a floor corker. Been looking a a Portuguese Red and a Portuguese Burgendy, Both around $80,00, Is the Burgendy worth the extra $10.00, it looks like it may be a little stronger with the extra up-right support? Or - what is the recommended floor corker from those that have a floor corker?? Thanks
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I bought the burgundy a few years back and love it. What's great is how stable it is compared to the double lever corker that I used when I started. I set mine up on an old oak end table kind of thingy about 30" wide and 18" deep with a pull out board and it makes it the perfect height. This is the only pic I could find but you can see it in the very left edge of the picture. I haven't had a problem with it yet. And it really does go from .375 to 1.5l bottles with no change in set up.

I have the red and am very pleased with it. But if I were doing it all over again, I wouldn't hesitate a second to spend the extra 10 bucks.
I have the Blue Italian Floor Corker and I recommend it. It is more than just $10 more than the Italian Red One, but well worth it. It is taller, has a longer handle and brass jaws, not plastic ones that you have to replace after some amount of time. I do not use K-Meta or Star-San to clean this, I use an alcohol wipe, nothing with much water, it will rust.

Here is a url to the one I have - http://labelpeelers.com/italian-floor-corker/

or if you prefer - https://www.homebrewsupply.com/italian-floor-corker.html
I will second the blue Italian corkers. They are better. I found some on Amazon for only $99, though I think I just ordered the last two in stock.
I've used the burgundy floor corker for 6 years now with no problems. I can't compare it to other floor corkers as this is the only one I have owned.
I got the red one because that is what the guy I bought from had...the red one....works great and red looks better in the corner where I store it.
I got the red portugese one. When I was checking them out at my lhbs that one had screw holes for securing the feet. I would have gotten the Italian with brass jaws but jt did not have holes in the feet for mounting. Italian was a little more expensive but i dont expect the plastic jawed portugal corker to ever fail. If I ever ramp production up enough to require two corking positions on the wine-line then I'll probably go for one of those fancy schmancy corker-bots ;)

ernst T - how much wine are you making? I have had the red for 12 years. I make wine every summer and fall (and now winter) with multiple fruits. No rust, no problems, very simple easy device.
red one for me, two years now and its a real time and spilt wine saver.
I have the red Portuguese floor corker for almost a year and it's been great.
Bit the bullet today after hand corking 16 bottles. Went for the Italian Bench Corker. I decided finally that I like that it has brass jaws instead of plastic and it appears to take a little less space. Price was $89.99 + Shipping so I think the deal was pretty good.

Almost went low end with on of the red two-handed units but when you look on Ebay there are tons of them for sale there - and you have to ask yourself why, until you read reviews about bottles kicking out from under the corker unless you have 1) Two people doing it or 2) Keep your feet around the bottom of the bottle - so either you'r bending over to cork or putting your feet up on a table/stool. I imagine I could build a bottle holder but the since my shoulders aren't as tough as they used to be I decided a one handed operation was best in the long run.
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The two arm corker isn't bad once you get your technique down. My wife isn't strong enough for it so it was my job.

With the floor corker, I have a Portuguese one bought used of Kijiji, anyone can do it with minimal practice. Very worthwhile.
The two arm corker isn't bad once you get your technique down. My wife isn't strong enough for it so it was my job.

With the floor corker, I have a Portuguese one bought used of Kijiji, anyone can do it with minimal practice. Very worthwhile.

Yeah, yesterday was my last bottling with the little two piece hand corker. Had rotator cuff surgery last May and strained tendons in the other shoulder this past fall. The first and last corks were horrible. Almost went to get my rubber mallet but vision of broken glass and lost wine kept me from going there. Left the last cork with about 1/8th inch sticking up. That will just be the first bottle to get consumed. Would have made a great sale add for any of the one arm corkers. I thought about those two handled ones but after seeing dozens on Ebay for sale I figured those were folk who tried them and moved on.
Can you use artificial corks with the red one? The brew store guy told a friend of mine the wine would last much longer with the fake corks. Yes, it will last longer but how long will it be on the shelf? Anyway, she is going to borrow my corker for the first batch or two and I am wondering if the plastic jaws will hold up to the artificial corks. Arne.

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