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Ernest T Bass

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  • Hey bud...really sorry on how long I let your message sit. I just got it today. I was off forumn since about march (new baby) and have just got back on to checking things. I checked on Roger M Fields for you. There are Fields in the book but no roger. I hope you find him!
    I read your apple wine post and said to myself, "this guy is 72 and just getting around to a first batch of wine" that is very cool. Don't worry about taste for your first batch, this is your "learning" batch. enjoy the process. Start batch 2.
    Yes, you can Super Kleer after gelatin. After I did it it seemes to mellow the wine out without losing flavor. I suspect it took a good month off how long i'll need to age it. Mine was pineapple and it is excellent! Go for it!
    Sorry but I missed your messages to me until I got another one from the site owner today. So who dig you serve with and when? Most of my 4 years where with 2nd MAW, VMA-331 from 77-81.
    You should have been with me tonite when I racked my Peach wine. First time I have ever racked. Lost siphon two times, was trying to get tubing in jug and let racking tube sink to the bottom. While trying to get tubing in jug, siphoned wine in my shoe. Then when I transferred it back, I forgot about racking it back, I stuck a funnel in the jug and poured it in. Then I decided it wasn't sweet enough so then I added two cups of "sugar" and shook it up real good and put the air lock on it. Reckon what I'll get? Didn't have any sorbate, but if it's drinkable, it won't have time to re-ferment. Before I added the sugar, it tasted like rocket fuel, taste a little better now.

    Semper Fi

    Later Bud
    Yes. I would add the sorbate because it prevents renewed fermentation. If you don't, when you add the sugar, it may start to ferment again. I know some on here don't use it and it works good for them, but I would be careful about putting something in a sealed bottle without it. You may be making bottle bombs if your not careful.
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