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Feb 27, 2009
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I'm making my first batch this weekend. Trying it using canned peaches. Found a recipes and changing it slightly. Please let me know if there could be problems with it.
5 gallon batch converted from 1 gal recipe
2- 128oz cans of peaches
5 cups orange juice- original called for 1 cup, I assume this is for the citric acid.
10 lb sugar
2 lbs golden raisins in instead of grape tannin. - would grape tannin or frozen grape concentrate work better.
2.5 tsp pectic enzyme - original called for 1/2tsp
10 tsp acid blend - original called for 2tsp
water to 5 gal
montrachet yeast

I am using a hydrometer so sugar amount may vary.

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From my calculations you would get about 13% alcohol and I think that is way to high for a delicate peach wine.
Use indeed the hydrometer and aim for around 11% which would be around 8 and a half pound sugar.

And be aware that 2 pounds of raisins also add another 1 pound of sugar as raisins contain a lot of sugar......

Look on the packaging for sulphites and if they are indeed
present threat the raisins like this:

Do that anyway because it makes chopping them up a lot easier.

I am assuming we are talking US gallons here........

I also would not just add orange juice and citric acid.
I would do an acidity test. And calculate from there.

Montrachet yeast is notorious for H2S problems so I always add 1 tsp of nutrient and 1/2 tsp of energizer per gallon.
More questions about SG

Thanks Luc and Wade!
Luc your respone got me thinking, maybe to much. The sugar is added untill the SG is around 1.088 to 1.09 . This is dissolved sugar in the must, the fruit still should have some sugar in it. How do we account for this, and could this bring the alchohol level to high?
The recipe I plan on using called for orange juice. Would this be for flavor or the citric acid? If the acid level is low can I get by adding more OJ or should I used the Acid blend.
Thanks for the help.
I would just go with the acid blend myself. The sugars from the fruit would probably add approx.005 so maybe keep the sg to around 1.085 or a little less and if using the orange juice that would also add sugar to it.
I'm still trying to understand the sulphite thing. The raisins I have contain sulfur dioxide. Is this different than the sulphites you are referring to? I am under the understanding that Camden tablets are made of sulfur dioxide. By cleaning the raisins I am removing the sulfur dioxide only to put it back in with the addition of camden tablets. Please clarify this for me.

I am in a different time-zone as you are (or is it time space continuim) so most questions have been adressed be Wade already.

Concerning the raisins:
Raisins might contain sulphite for conserving purposes
that is the same sulphite as you would use.
The problem is that you do not know how much the manufacturer
has used.

So the sulphites on the raisins AND you adding sulphites might be too much together. That is why this rinsing and soaking is so important.

Too much sulphites might stun fermentation, at least for a while.

I would do as Luc stated with the link he gave you about this as Ive seen many a fermenttion not start using raisins, especially the golden raisins.
acid test

I got this batch going. SG 1.085 I let must sit for day with pectic enzyme and added yeast. 6 days later hydrometer was reading .88. Seems to have fermented kind of quick.
I have a question on the titration test. My initial reading before fermentation was .7 when I racked it a week later it was over 1. How does that work? Will I need to bring it down?

The first test done colored the must from top of the vile down.
The second test colored the must from the bottom up. Both times the must changed colors in layers as I added the sodium hydroxide. Is this correct? I was expecting the entire vile to change colors as hydroxide was added going from a light to a dark color.
a note on raisins

When they are processed,they are sprayed with oil to help the dehydration.. So washing thoroughly removes oils and any dirt or dust etc that have adhered to the oils.