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Oct 17, 2009
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Hi All. I would appreciate some advice. As you all know I am new to this hobby. I am now on my third kit. In discussion with a couple of my friends who also are involved in the hobby, I see they have different methods. For example one filters into a primary and leaves it sit for a couple of days before bottle-ing. The other filters into a carboy, and bottles shortly thereafter. Any thoughts or advice.


Filtering into any vessel is fine bit I would not leave it in any vessel with much surafce area like a primary bucket, that is plain silly as you are exposing it to too much 02 that way. You can filter and bottle immediately but I wouldnt open a bottle for awhile. Anytime wine is worked hard it needs time to recover and filteru=ing can be pretty abusive as can bottling. just the act of compressing that little bit of 02 into your wine with a cork can hange your wine for a few weeks to 3 months and thats called bottle shock.
Thanks Wade. I am going to filter to a carboy, and let it sit for a time before bottling. Hopefully all will turn out ok..


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