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Jan 23, 2010
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Just started my MM Vinfera Noble Amarone today. The insturction sheet says that in 3 to 5 days when the SG hits 1.040/1.050 to rack into secondary carboy then add oak chips and yeast nutrenets package and even tranfer over the lees from the bottom. Can't I just leave everything in the primary bucket and add the chips and yeast nutenets to that then rack when the SG gets to .996 Second, the oak chips. Can I place them into cheeze cloth and tie it off, sanitizing cloth and string?
each kit manufacturer's instructions vary a bit. i would not ferment to dry in the primary with a MM juice bucket. i would and have racked to secondary at the recommended SG.

part of this may be to aerate the yeast at the time nutrients are added and then minimizing o2 exposure for the rest of the ferment... racking over the lees is common in some kit instructions as bentonite has often been added in the beginning and you dont want to leave that behind.

as far as the oak chips.. if you have a nylon hop bag you can use that, cheesecloth would work also provided you sanitized it well. but, it may be difficult getting in and out of the carboy.

if you are feeling experimental you can do the process any way you want. :) there are few rules, kit instructions are there to give you what the manuf. feels is the best chance of making the wine to its fullest potential.
Thanks Rawlas, I have no problem in doing what the insturctions say to do. It's just funny how diffent kits (companys) go about things diffently. The oak chips in the carboy will go in just how they want them in there. I would never get them out in a sack,lol. Thanks again...
with kits, i usually make my first one following the supplied instructions, then on subsequent ones if i want to switch things up a bit, i have a reference batch so to speak - you know?

MM was one of the only ones i've seen that suggests such an early racking though... i noticed that too when i did my meglioli last fall.

my personal preference is to do a relatively short primary and to hasten the move to secondary where things are a bit more controlled. i cant say if it has any real impact on the final thing or not, it's just for my peace of mind and preference.

ive got the ltd edition pacific quartet in primary now, 10 gal brute with grav fit lid (i have a waterbottle on top for weight just to keep fruitflies out.), tracking SG/Brix with refractometer it's gone from 21/1086 to 9.4/1038 in a little over 3 days at 70-75*, another day or two and ill be racking everything over to secondary to finish up, prob around 1010-1015 or so...
I also have that Brite 10 gallon bucket. Yes, the lid is a lose fit, but a great bucket.
Always follow the kit directions if you have not made it before.The directions are tried and true and will work. That way you have a bench mark for the next batch.
Once you have a wine pallet and know more of winemaking and the chemistry then you may want to tweek it.
Rawles has it right.

Good luck and get back if you are not sure.
Im going to Tom, im on my 4th kit this winter and found out it's better to ask, then to do,lol
Well thanks,
We DO learn from out mistakes.
Now we try to make LESS mistakes.
ALL of us have made major mistakes. Thats why we like to help so you dont make them.. LOL :dg
Just some additional info for the future, when and if you stray from the explicit instructions, lots of home wine makers ferment all the way to dry in the primary fermentation bucket, provided it has a lid that will completely seal and a normal grommet-ed hole for an air lock. An airlock must be inserted properly. The big ten gallon "trash can" does not seal completely and should not be utilized for fermenting to dry.

That being said, why don't you go ahead and rack the fermentation to secondary in the carboy so you can use the fermentor bucket to start that next kit you have there? What? You are already ready to start your next kit aren't you? :f
I ferment dry all the time with red wines , the only ones I take out around 1.015 are very deloicate wines like apple oe similiar wher they can oxidize very easily. I woul be very careful racking to a carboy at that high an sg without leaving enoygh room in there as its still violent at that sg and can blow your airlock very easily as lots of people find out with these kits. they are excellent kits but should be more specific to rack to a 6 and a 1 gallon jg so yiou have some headroom.
This kit is in a 7.8 gallon primary with an aitlock. When I was talking about the Brute 10 gallon, that was just to say that I had one also that I used for my last wine kit with skins. I know people said to rack to the carboy, but, at 1.040 to 1.050, the fermentation is still very active. Im going to keep it where it is. Ill still do everything else that they want me to. But I really see no point in racking so early.Ill give it a good stir with the drill stirer. Then he wine will think that it has been tranfered,lol. Thanks guys.

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