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Aug 18, 2009
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was just wondering what yeast everyone is using and in what cases.
I have become a huge user of Red Star Cuvee. In most reds and Zinfindel. I use Champagne in Chardonnay and Dry Riesling. Cuvee for sweet Riesling. I have others but these 2 have worked so well I always end up there. I did use Lalvin EC-118 today when I started some Cab Sauv. It was some cheep frozen juice I scored so I an willing to experiment. Ya, not to risky was it.:h
I tend to go back and forth with Cotes Des Blanc and Montrachet on fruits. I always go with Pastuer red on Cabs and the such. Champagne for whites. I not to fond of Lalvin products as Ive had a few problems with them over the years and actually i cant get it locally anyway.
I didn't post this because I need to find a cookie cutter approach, I was interested it what individuals use and why. My why is mostly laziness. I can see variety in these few post and that is spice of life. I don't make many fruit wines and when I do I always look at others to see and learn. Then I at some point ignore great advise and mess something up,,,, but I learn every time from mistakes
BTW I am stuck on dial up and downloading PDF's is a nightmare so no I didn't read the post. when I have an hour or two I will download them
I use lalvin EC1118 for everything.. (sometimes a different one comes in a kit)

except for my ciders .. I use Brewcraft brand cider yeast for those.

I don't have a per se favorite yeast but find I use Champagne yeast more than others. It really all depends on the wine I make on what I use. Just like beer as well.
I use EC 1118 mainly for the high alcohol tolerance :d and it has a wide PH and temp range. And I figure since its used alot to restart stuck fermentation, I might as well start with the good stuff so I don't have to worry about.
I like EC 1118 too for alot of wines. If I'm working with white wine grapes though I really like D47 for them. I'll sur-lie age with this yeast too just because it works for extended aging on the lees for me.