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Wade E

Jul 3, 2006
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If anyone needs to get some more flavor into their fruit wine I stumbled on a product that makes an awesome f-pac. It is called Marco Polo and they make syrups made only from fruit juice and sugar and they taste GREAT.
They dont offer too many but Im going to get a few of what I have going. I had the Raspberry and it is to die for.
A local store which doesnt sell on the net but any pace near you that sells international foods if your grocery store hs a Ethnic area it might be there. otherwise google it to see who sells it near you. Its very good for sweetening a wine and is real and tases real unlike most syrups.
and what kind of "international" foods are we talking about? How is it packaged and $$
"I found the syrups at both Foodmart International and International Food Warehouse in New Jersey. These syrups are made in Slovenia." Copied off a website. these are bottles and are a little over 1 qrt (33.8 oz) each which I paid $4.79 for. They might be a little more there as this old lady near me cant be beat on prices usually anywhere. Itll sure make sprucing up a wine easier

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