Everything You Wanted To Know About Dry Yeast and then some.

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Jun 20, 2005
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This is the type of info newbies like me need. thanks Smurfe now I can see which yeast is best for any must I try.:d
Thank Tom, he's the one who sends me all this stuff. I guess he doesn't realize he could just post it all himself and take all the glory. :)
Yea yea, I have alot of "info" to share. But, I told you and Wade I am not very computer savey. So, I will send it to you Smurfe if you dont mind.
I still have no idea what a "stickey" is LOL :h
Just so you know Tom when a post is posted you can click on that post and right above the post there is an option in the red seperator called Thread Tools which is a drop down tool and has options for what to do with this thread such as move it, delete it make it sticky which keeps it at the top of the thread page or even unstick it and more.
Oh ! OK.
So a stickey keeps it on top then..
Wade, BTW your new pic (avatar sp.) is that a new addition to your security system?
I leave this up to Smurfe as hes a little more computer savy then me.
Seriously though, it is pretty easy to post an attachment. Just click the Manage Attachments button below where you type the post at. A new page will open. Click the browse button and find the file on your computer in the box that opens. Double click the file and you should see the file link in the box by the browse button. Look way over to the right of the page and you should see an Upload button. Click that an it should attach your file as long as it is a recognized format and not larger than the allowed size.

I m using bread yeast , because wine yeast is not here in my city, do u have any information about bread yeast, if yes then plz let me know, anyways thanks for all that stuff, it is quite handy and helpfull.

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