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Did you pick up the LE19 on sale? I've made kits as old as 3 years and they came out fine. If stored properly, the useful shelf life is surprisingly long.
Nope. Bought it in 2020 as a special-order from my "local" store. $179. Has been stored in cool basements ever since. The other one I got at the same time was LE19 Pacific Quartet Red, still needs to be made.
The one I just bottled was RJS En Primeur Italian Rosso Grande Eccelente. The one I just started was Winexpert LE19 Cape Blend.
My wife would take all the Cape Blend kits I could find. Unfortunately I haven't found any left. She does love that wine.
As far as a value on my kit wines, I get asked all the time if could sell it. I guess I should ask what they think the price should be. BTW I've never sold my wine, given it away, yes, but never sold.

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