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Dec 4, 2009
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Yesterday I pulled out 15#s of Elderberries to start another batch of wine. I still have about 7 or 8 #s in the freezer. I am thinking of blending it with something, maybe Cherry or Blueberry so here are my questions

Should I ferment the berries separately or put everything in a bucket and go from there. And, which do you think would be better Cherry or Blueberry.
Definately ferment together, I like to use apple juice instead of water. I get the cheap stuff from Walmart, so if the recipe calls for 3 quarts water I use the apple juice in its place. I have never done elderberries, but I have Cherry-Apple, Apricot-Apple, Blueberry-Apple fermenting now. I plan to do Plum-Apple, Bosenberry-Apple, and Blackberry-Apple. In all of these I use fruit with the apple juice. Some are canned fruit, some are fresh/frozen fruit.
Julie, either way is good. Fermented together they would be what professional winemakers call a field blend. The wine you buy is usually blended after aging for a time, that way the winemaker has more control over the final taste.
Looking at the list of wines you've already made you'll probably make a good un either way.
If you're like me you'll probably read all the opinions and make your own mind up. It's nice to know what fellow winemakers think anyway.
Best of luck with it, regards to all, Winemanden.

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