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Feb 11, 2022
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SW Florida
Garden doing good and I made some tomato sauce today.went to put it in the chest freezer and …. Oh no ! Everything was thawed ! 😢🫣. Big bag of chicken, tomato sauce lemon lime juice, and bags and bags of mango. Oh no. Chicken and everything else in the trash can, but mango was still cool. Probably 40 ish degrees.

It’s going to ferment anyhow so I saay to myself, ehhhhhhhhh.. so couple pounds of runny mango got tossed in the fermenting bucket. I even forgot to sanitize it. It appears to be no worse than when I let it sit in the fermenter for a day and a half to thaw. I have to go for it. Hoping it will be OK

To make matters worse my bag of yeast nutrient is empty ! What the ….. I tossed in some peptic enzyme some sugar, some H 2 O and will pitch some ec1118 on it late tonight. A quick check and it’s right around 1.100. I’ll stir it and check it before I pitch yeast. I pulled a couple of bananas out of the (working) house freezer to add later.

What do you think ? It’s gonna ferment anyhow, but how will I know if something isn’t right other than a case of explosive diarrhea when I try it ?
Yeast energizer arrived this afternoon and it’s fired off nicely. Very active fermentation. I added about a dozen or so Roselle Hibiscus calyxes I had in the freezer for color and hopefully a little taste.

Looks like this will be a banner year for mangos, but I don’t plan on replacing the freezer so I will have to make several batches this summer

It’s gonna ferment anyhow, but how will I know if something isn’t right other than a case of explosive diarrhea when I try it ?
* not a lot of things grow at 40F. A day gaining temperature is what you would have done anyway.
* viable plate count which includes food poisoning organisms will decrease. If I use apple mush as a reference one could expect 10to the 6th organisms. In contrast a 5.5% ABV cider will be about 1000.
* viable food poisoning organism risk decreases under pH 4.0 and given time disappears
* viable food poisoning organism risk above 5%ABV is low/ non existent with time
* you are adding metabisulphite which will kill most bacteria
* if I use cider as a reference the normal toxin, patulin decreases / binds to bacterial cells and is removed from the system.

Now your risk; off flavors from lactic acid bacteria (which tolerate alcohol/ pH/ CO2/ temp) and Acetobacter which requires oxygen but tolerates alcohol.
Yeah I did just that. And since we live in Florida and not an igloo somewhere in the upper reaches of Canada Amazon says it’s coming tomorrow. I’m gonna wait on starting my yeast until tomorrow
For the record, there are in fact winemakers in the upper reaches of Canada, although I have yet to see an igloo ... Tho we are only at the 55th parallel...😀
Sounds like you've successfully started a batch: pitch the yeast, stage the nutrient additions as the SG drops, and congratulate yourself on a (partially) successful salvage operation!

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