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Feb 23, 2009
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Anyone else in the Northeast feel the earthquake we had at 1:40 this afternoon? Only very minor tremble felt here in Albany..
Are you certain it was an Earthquake...
Or was it that general slamming the white house door on the way out?
well said!!!!!!

had a couple litle ones around here the past few weeks.

We are due.

remember the largest one to ever hit North America was in Anchorage on good Friday 1964.

We are due for sure, if the volcanoes dont get us first
My wife said she felt it, I was out in the fab shop (lots of niose) didn't notice.
There were tremors here in Maryland. Expect aftershocks for the next few days.
Still got a knot on my head!!! LOL

Next time I decide to pi$$ her off, I will think about it first!

Nobody told me there would be days like these!
We had a couple small ones in the past couple years down here in Florida. I live inland about 35 miles and didn't feel anything.
Sure does seem like we've had a lot here lately. Makes you wonder. Could this big blue ball fall apart?
We have several things now way over due here in the States.
Kalifornia is just waiting, as is Missouri. And let's not forget Yellowstone and a couple of the big pimples up there in Oregon and Washington State.
The way my luck goes, with the economy and oil spill, we would get a really big OMG earthquake somewhere.
Let's pray for it not to happen.
I was on the 3rd floor of my building and it was really creepy when the steel beams started to creek and groan. My computer monitor wiggled like a bobblehead doll.

My wife was at home on in the cellar. She was worried about my wine because the bottles jiggled and clinked together like crazy.
It didn't occur to me until just now at the time of the quake I was having trouble logging on to the internet. Thought it was because a storm was coming. That's a ways away.
Wow Joe, I'm about the same distance from you to the quake center and other than the noise and a slight shaking nothing really happened.

In 2002 we had one the same size at 5.1 about 10-12 miles away and that one toppled chimneys and cracked brick and stone walls. It was enough that FEMA set up a claims center in the area. We had aftershocks for a few days afterwards.