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Oct 1, 2009
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Hi guys,

I'm working on my first batch of scuppernong wine from scratch and made a real boneheaded move: I accidentally added campden tablets in the full amount twice. I crushed the grapes, added the 6 campden (to 6 gallons), then went off to double check some things in my literature, and added 6 more when I got back.


As of now the must is not adjusted for pH, is not diluted, and does not have any additional sugar added to it. It's just 6 gallons of crushed scuppernongs.

What can I do to fix it?

Thanks in advance!
Airate it as much as you can. Do not cap the fermentor. Wait an extra 24 hours before adding yeast.
Good luck.
Like Tom says: airate.

When possible splash rack it from a bucket to another bucket several times. Make lots of foam. That way you will introduce a lot of oxygen in the wine (which is good anyway at the start of fermentation) and it will bind the free SO2.

I have been stirring the crap out of it every now and then. I am planning on pressing the grapes tonight, and then diluting with water and sugar to reach my desired volume/ specific gravity. Do you think I'll be okay to pitch tomorrow morning?
Splash rack it at least once then hive it a try but have more yeast on hand ust in case.

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