Does anyone use regular (flat) wire racks for bottle storage?

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I've been looking at wine rack options and was leaning toward the Trinity wine rack from Costco. It's 4 shelves, 36" wide x 34" tall. Then I saw this regular wire rack, also 4 shelves and 36" wide but 54" tall.,-36”-x-14”-x-54”,-NSF,-Dark-Bronze.product.11738132.html

This means I could raise the bottom shelf up enough to fit not just gallon jugs, but probably even buckets and carboys underneath. It could also be used elsewhere in the house for normal storage purposes later if I taper off in this hobby and don't need to store dozens and dozens bottles of wine. :)

I know I would need to add something to the sides so the bottles don't roll off, but other than that, are there any gotchas I should be aware of? I plan to stack two or maybe 3 rows high in each shelf (the weight limit per shelf should allow that). Does anyone else use this type of shelf rather than the one with the scalloped shelves for bottles?
Why not just use 1X12s to build racks?


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